Good food for all: cities at the forefront of food justice

In 2022, a shocking 8% of the European Union’s population could not afford a meal containing meat, fish, or a vegetarian equivalent every other day. At the same time, food prices in the EU skyrocketed by 18%, exacerbating food poverty, insecurity, and inequality. While recent months have seen a slowdown in inflation rates (5.9% in […]

Long-Term Living Lab Support Towards Food System Transformation

The Food2030 Project’s Family is thrilled to introduce its latest Policy Brief entitled “Long-term Living Lab Support towards Food System Transformation”, realized with the support of the European Commission’s Horizon Result Booster Service. About the Food 2030 Project Family The Food 2030 Project Family is composed of FoodSHIFT 2030, FoodE, Food Trails, Cities 2030, and […]