Eurocities Working Group Food Meeting & MUFPP Regional Forum Europe, Warsaw 2024 - "Innovation and Resilience for Urban Food System"
22 May 2024
9:00-20:00 CET
Centrum Kreatywności Targowa
21 May 2024
Centrum Nauki Kopernik
Food Trail Mid-Year 4 Partner Meeting
7 May 2024
Midday Munchies with Urban Food Policies - Webinar No. 3: Which tools support cities in developing and implementing an urban food policy?
30 April 2024
Midday Munchies with Urban Food Policies — Webinar No. 2: Putting food on the local agenda: how to engage citizens and foster behavioral change?
26 March 2024
Midday Munchies with Urban Food Policies. Replication Webinar No.1 — Why develop urban food policies?
9 May 2023
Cariplo Factory, Milan
Match-Making Day of the Call for Solutions Sustainable Food Systems
9 May 2023
Cariplo Factory - Milan
Impact financing: Framework and Solutions for Investing in Urban Food Policies
8 May 2023
Food Trails - Annual Partner Meeting - Mid Year 3
18 April 2023
European Training Event: Smart innovation for small-scale producers accessing markets
23 March 2023
Impact Investor Living Lab - Webinar Capstone Meeting