Good food for all - Cities meet to exchange food justice approaches
27 September 2023
Bordeaux, France
9 May 2023
Cariplo Factory, Milan
Match-Making Day of the Call for Solutions Sustainable Food Systems
9 May 2023
Cariplo Factory - Milan
Impact financing: Framework and Solutions for Investing in Urban Food Policies
8 May 2023
Food Trails - Annual Partner Meeting - Mid Year 3
18 April 2023
European Training Event: Smart innovation for small-scale producers accessing markets
23 March 2023
Impact Investor Living Lab - Webinar Capstone Meeting
17 March 2023
Food Trails at the 2nd Edible Cities Network Conference in Barcelona
9 March 2023
Bringing urban food policies to the table Eurocities and MUPFPP high-level event
23 February 2023
Impact Investor Living Lab Meeting — Scaling sustainable food system finance
26 January 2023
Impact Investors Living Lab Meeting – Policies and regulations that support food-related impact investment