Building pathways towards Food 2030 urban food policies

Food Trails is a four-year (Oct 2020 / Oct 2024) €12.000 million project, funded by EU Horizon 2020 Programme, addressing the call “Food 2030 – Empowering Cities as agent of food system transformation”.

It aims to translate the worldwide Milan Urban Food Policy Pact’s shared vision and collective commitment to integrated urban food policies into measurable and long-term progress towards sustainable food systems in Europe.

At the heart of the project lies the co-designing and co-implementation of Pilot Actions, through participatory Living Labs, as a leverage point for the development of Urban Food Policies in 11 European city-regions: Bergamo (IT), Birmingham (UK), Bordeaux (FR), Copenhagen (DK), Funchal (PR), Grenoble (FR), Groningen (NL), Milan (IT), Thessaloniki (GR), Tirana (AL) and Warsaw (PL).

The Pilot actions are meant to create synergies and co-benefits across the 4 priority areas identified by the FOOD2030 flagship European research and innovation policy:

1) nutrition and healthy diets
2) climate and environment
3) circularity and resource efficiency
4) innovation and empowerment of communities.

The Food Trails project is the result of the Eurocities Working Group Food and the MUFPP work and experience.

It is led by the city of Milan and it features a 19-partner consortium – composed of 11 European cities, 3 prominent universities and 6 European stakeholders –  that will work in conjunction with 21 follower cities.

Food Trails will develop a solid advocacy action towards European, national and local institutions to demonstrate how cities are ready to collaborate with European actors for sustainable, healthier and inclusive food systems.

Food Trails Consortium:
11 municipalities, 6 European stakeholders and 3 prominent universities


City Networks and Food Stakeholders

Collaboration with the Food 2030 Project Family

Grantmakers European Foundations

21 Cascade Cities

Mezitli (Turkey), Kazan (Russia), Praia (Cape Verde), Quelimane (Mozambique), Toronto (Canada), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Curitiba (Brazil), Guadalajara (Mexico), Lima (Peru), La Paz (Bolivia), Mérida (Mexico), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Guangzhou (China), Seoul (South Corea), Cape Town (South Africa), Melbourne (Australia), New Haven (United States), Tel Aviv (Isdrael), Baltimore (United States), Washington DC (United States)