Call for Impact Investors in Food Systems Transformation

Food Trails project partners, an initiative of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact , invite leaders of financial stewardship and innovation for sustainable impact to participate in the Food Trails Investors Living Lab . The Lab is an opportunity to participate in advance discussions that will shape the impact investment environment surrounding urban food systems transformation.


Food systems as they are generating vast hidden costs, which undermine human health and the resilience of natural systems. Climate impacts further degrade food systems. Business as usual is unaffordable, and cities are at the forefront of food systems change, creating massive needs and opportunities for investment with transformative impact. Urban policy and city-level investment strategies need to foster food systems that build health and resilience, while mitigating climate emergency, eliminating food waste, and building a circular economy.

Food Trails Impact Investors Lab

The Lab brings together 25 impact investment actors , including five European cities. The aim is to facilitate the discovery of targeted investment strategies that can shift urban food systems, building public good value through enhanced human health, reduced vulnerability, and more agile, innovative business environments, where health-building sustainable practices are welcomed and rewarded. 

Responsibilities and benefits

In the Lab, you will participate in a series of monthly online meetings, and occasional bilateral check-ins to advance key ideas emerging in the process, over a period of one year. The support team from EAT and Wageningen University and Research will coordinate the process.

The lab will produce an urban food system impact investment framework , and outline of innovative investment instruments and adjacent services to drive urban food systems transformation and catalyze the generation of investment propositions. The members of the lab will benefit from the deliverables as well as participating an initiative that has a reach of 200 million urban inhabitants across the globe through Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.


Food Trails

The Food Trails initiative is a four-year EU-funded Horizon 2020 project led by the city of Milan aiming to translate the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact’s (MUFPP’s) collective commitment to integrated urban food policies into active transformation. The project co-designs and co-implements Pilot Actions, through participatory Living Labs in 11 European city-regions, in conjunction with 21 follower cities.


Further information and application

For more detailed information about the Lab and call, please see our SLIDE DECK for the call.

To propose yourself as a candidate to be part of the Food Trails Investors Living Lab, please send a short Motivation Letter explaining how your participation would support the goals of the Food Trails Impact Investor Lab (max 1 page) before 17 February 2021 to the following email address:

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