Get involved: survey on participatory approaches to urban food policies

People make cities. And in more than one way – increasingly, citizens are involved in the process of building or delivering policies in their community. 

Now, Food Trails wants to hear about these initiatives relating to food policy. Our aim is to identify policy initiatives that have the participation of citizens at their core.

By participatory initiatives, we refer to actions where citizens, vulnerable social groups, and other stakeholders are individually or collectively involved in the design or delivery of the policies. 

Do you have knowledge of participatory processes targeting the involvement of citizens? Then please participate in this survey. The replies will remain anonymous and the data will feed into a larger research being done as part of the Food Trails project on sustainable urban food policy.  

The Food Trails project is focused on food-based policy, but in this questionnaire we kindly ask you to tell us about any participatory policy processes, even if they’re not related to food.

The deadline for submission is 15 May. 

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