Grenoble-Alpes Metropole
Around 15% of this mountainous territory is covered by farmable land, and Grenoble Alpes-Metropole wants to capitalise on this to improve diets, improve sustainability and create short food chains.

Nestled high in the Alps and bringing together 450,000 inhabitants in 49 urban, rural and mountain municipalities, Grenobles-Alpes Metropole has a unique food system linked to its geography.

The Metropole has focused its efforts on areas such as agriculture with its Metropolitan Agricultural Strategy 2015-2020. This strategy seeks to drive sustainable and quality farming in rural municipalities – which make up 15% of the metropole’s territory – and link these with other urban areas within the metropole through short supply chains.

Through Food Trails, Grenoble-Alpes Metropole aims to re-territorialise its food system. This means driving a more sustainable approach for catering, supporting farmers’ adaptation to climate change effects and launching initiatives to support evolution of the eating habits of the metropole’s inhabitants.