CRFS report related to FOOD 2030

The document represents the D2.1 CRFS report related to FOOD 2030 and describes the main framework of reference for cities working on sustainable urban food systems: FOOD 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, City Region Food System assessment, in relation to the effort of Food Trails cities.

Food Aid in European cities

The first Eurocities Working Group Food meeting of 2021 was held online in March and it was the occasion to launch an innovative topic for the group, as well as to share a general update on the foreseen activities for the upcoming year.The meeting was attended by 76 officers from 46 cities from 14 countries, […]

Visual Identity Toolkit

D7.4 – Visual identity toolkit is the project visual identity, designed in collaboration with the whole consortium. It represent the project as a family of food innovators invested in making european cities food systems more sustainable and circular.

European cities leading in urban food systems transformation

European cities leading in urban food systems transformation is a report of significant EU experiences of urban food policies gathered by the City of Milan, which started working on the topic in 2015 and occupies a strong role in the leadership of the topic. The main aim of the document is to facilitate debate, discussions, […]

Food in Cities

This study aims to provide an overview of the food innovation dynamics in cities, in addition to providing evidence on the role and impact of European funded projects for research and innovation (R&I) in cities. Its findings are based on input provided by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) signatory cities and EUROCITIES members […]