19 May 2021
19 May 2021
11.15 - 13.00
EU Food Policy Strikes Again

On 19th october don’t miss “EU Food Policy Strikes Again”, the Food 2030 Project Family Side Event at the 7th MUFPP Global Forum 2021 in Barcelona. You’ll be able to hear European cities sharing their work on sustainable urban food systems with the MUFPP community.

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Eu Food Policy Strikes Again” is the official side event of Barcelona 7th MUFPP Global Forum 2021 promoted by Food Trails in collaboration with the Food 2030 Project Family, FoodEFoodshift2030Fusilli and Cities2030.

It will take place on October 19th, from 11.15 to 13.00 CEST, in Barcelona at the International Barcelona Convention Center (11-14 Plaça de Willy Brandt), and it will also be broadcasted online*.

This year Barcelona is hosting the 7th MUFPP Global Forum between 19th – 21st October 2021. Since the critical UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be held in Glasgow in November 2021, the 7th MUFPP Global Forum becomes extremely strategic to raise cities’ voices on the food climate nexus. The theme of the event will actually be “Growing Resilience: Sustainable Food to tackle the Climate Emergency”.

Launched by the Milan Municipality in 2015, the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is an international agreement among cities from all over the world, committed “to develop sustainable food systems that are inclusive, resilient, safe and diverse, that provide healthy and affordable food to all people in a human rights-based framework, that minimize waste and conserve biodiversity while adapting to and mitigating impacts of climate change”.

The main aim of MUFPP is to support cities wishing to develop more sustainable urban food systems by fostering city to city cooperation and best practices exchange. The main aim of Food Trails is to translate in Europe the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact’s collective commitment to integrate urban food policies into measurable and long-term progress towards sustainable food systems.

Besides Food Trails, the European Commission has funded other 4 Horizon consortia – FoodE, Foodshift, Fusilli, and Cities2030 – to innovate local food systems, involving on the whole 52 cities, on which 21 are part of MUFPP, and investing 48 million euro by 2024.

How European food projects could inspire the MUFPP community? The “EU Food Policies Strikes Again” Side Event will promote the approaches of the 5 Food 2030 Project Family (FoodSHIFT, FoodE, Cities2030, Food Trails, FUSILLI) to the co-creation of food policy solutions. The aim of the side event is to bring the work of EU cities on sustainable urban food systems to the MUFPP community through good practices.

The panel will see the participation of MUFPP Secretariat and four cities from Food Trails cascade cities (that are also part of the MUFPP Steering Committee), discussing the added value of connecting with cities beneficiaries of EU funded projects and the learning opportunities among signatory cities.

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Registrations are now closed. We remind to those who have signed in for the MUFPP Global Forum 2021 (in-person or remote participation) that it’s also necessary to register for the individual sessions you wish to attend. From here you can log in and  select the side event “EU Food Policy Strikes Again” on October 19 in the Agenda section.

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