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Meeting of the Eurocities Working Group Food and MUFPP Regional Forum followed by the open conference ‘Food identity and cities’ and study visits in Almere 

22-24 June 2022, Almere, The Netherlands

For the Eurocities WG Food and MUFPP Regional Forum meeting on  22 June –  only for member cities, register here. The organisers will approve registration for that day. 

If you are not a Eurocities WG Food or MUFPP Regional Forum member, you can register for the Open Conference on 23-24 June here

The current geopolitical context invites us to rethink our food systems in-depth and speed up their transformation to make them more resilient, sustainable, fair and healthy.  

Cities are at the forefront to address current food challenges and ensure their citizen’s well-being, but they cannot develop sustainable, practical and inclusive food policies without the involvement of multiple stakeholders, scales and visions. Now more than ever is time to meet and jointly find new ways of solving these pressing new and old challenges.  

The next Eurocities Working Group Food and Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Regional Forum meeting will take place on 22-24 June in Almere and will examine the variety of food governance models in Europe. The event is co-organised with the MUFPP, the city of Almere, Floriade and Flevo Campus, to intersect visions and enrich discussions.  

This meeting will explore how to bring together citizens, industry, civil society, governments at all levels and institutions to turn today’s food challenges into opportunities by making our food systems more sustainable and resilient. This event will be an opportunity to reflect collectively and co-design solutions to have a long-lasting positive impact. The format of this meeting is designed to be as interactive as possible to allow participants to exchange their experiences and questions with other participants and experts.  

The conference will be held exceptionally at Floriade; an international horticultural exhibition held every 10 years which showcases green solutions for cities. Participants of the WG group will be able to enter the exhibition free of charge. Entities which are not cities will have to pay an entrance fee to access the Floriade Expo. Join us to get inspired by the various innovations presented, and enjoy all the natural splendour on the site. 

More details on the programme  

  • The first day of the meeting will be open to city officers’ members of the working group food or signatories of the MUFPP. It will include presentations on models of food policy co-creation between national levels and cities, as well as co-creation workshops on concrete city challenges such as healthy food environments. 
  • On the second day, an open conference will focus on ‘food identity and cities’ and will be structured around interactive presentations, and innovative workshops on news trends on the food system and the role cities are likely to play in it. 
  • The last day will be dedicated to site visits to discover the unique city of Almere, most recently built city in the Netherlands, the country’s largest urban horticultural area. In 2017, the city of Almere and the province of Flevoland created the Flevo Campus, a knowledge institute focusing on ‘Feeding the City’.  

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