6 July 2022
6 July 2022
15:00 - 17:00 CET
Workshop on “Indicators and Monitoring of Food Systems Actions”

On Wednesday, July 6 2022, the Food Trails project will host its second interactive closed-door workshop with practitioners and non-EU-funded projects working to support a transformation of the European food system – to connect, exchange knowledge, approaches, and potential areas for action and collaboration.

This work is part of Food Trails objective to facilitate connections among actors impacting the Food 2030 Framework, create links with other projects, and engender a wider transformation of the European food system.

The workshop will focus on: Indicators and Monitoring of Food Systems Actions. It will include an opening by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and Wageningen University & Research.

The workshops will use a digital Dialogue Forum tool developed by EAT in the EU Horizon 2020 CO-CREATE project. The Dialogue Forum tool guides 6-person breakout discussions through the topic’s challenges, opportunities, and areas for action. The point of the dialogue is not to solve a complex problem, but to discuss, collaborate, and learn from each other.

For more information, contact claire@eatforum.org.

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