Bordeaux Metropole
This multi-municipality territory will transform food relationships with a Food Policy Council.

Known worldwide as the capital of wine, Bordeaux Metropole is the economic and cultural centre of the French region of Nouvelle Aquitaine and home to more than 774,000 people over 28 municipalities.

The Metropole was the first territorial body in France to set up a Food Policy Council in 2017. with this Council, Bordeaux Metropole has laid the groundwork for its food strategy. Initiatives include a campaign to raise awareness about healthy eating, particularly in primary schools; collective gardens and initiatives to promote local products and cuisine.

The Metropole’s pilot project will be its Food Policy Council. The pilot aims to ensure the sustainability of the food policy council (governance, representation, new models of funding) and to launch actions to contribute to each working priority: the ability to choose a healthy and sustainable diet; fighting food waste, strengthening the Metropole’s agricultural capacity and promoting short food chains.