The Danish capital wants to build a green, healthy and vital food city by creating a new standard for people’s food habits.

Famous for its bikes, bridges and pastries, Danish capital Copenhagen is also a European leader in food policy.

Since 2001, the city has developed a food strategy that combines health, taste and climate-responsibility. The City of Copenhagen’s approach is based on wide-ranging targets: promote food literacy, strengthen social communities and ensure that Copenhagen becomes a green, healthy and vital food city.

Initiatives already rolled out by the city to support these goals include increasing food literacy among schoolchildren, limiting the city’s carbon footprint through food procurement, building stronger links between rural producers and the city, and much more.

Copenhagen’s Food Trails pilot will develop a climate-friendly new standard for the public plate, adjusting to various nutritional needs, along with actions and training designed to anchor behavioural change in terms of reduced emissions in the food culture of the public sphere.