Good food for all: cities at the forefront of food justice

In 2022, a shocking 8% of the European Union’s population could not afford a meal containing meat, fish, or a vegetarian equivalent every other day. At the same time, food prices in the EU skyrocketed by 18%, exacerbating food poverty, insecurity, and inequality. While recent months have seen a slowdown in inflation rates (5.9% in […]

The table is set!

Meeting of the Eurocities Working Group Food and MUFPP Regional Forum followed by the open conference ‘Food identity and cities’ and study visits in Almere  22-24 June 2022, Almere, The Netherlands See the agenda For the Eurocities WG Food and MUFPP Regional Forum meeting on  22 June –  only for member cities, register here. The […]

The role of cities on Impact Investing for food system

The World Economic Forum together with the Food Action Alliance convened the international community for an action-oriented discussion centred on leading flagship initiatives that hold the potential to realize regional and country-led actions for food systems. From global food systems thinking to local impact, the meeting offered a platform for collective action with a focus […]

Side Event at High Level FOOD2030 Event on “SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS FOR CITIES”

The Milan Pact and European project FIT4FOOD2030 are pleased to present the Side Event – Sustainable Food Systems fod Cities of the High Level FOOD2030 Event in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), an interactive opportunity to explore selected Research and Innovation (R&I) cases within Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) cities. During the event participants will investigate cases and […]

The City of Milan and Eurocities win project to map innovative food strategies

The City of Milan and Eurocities in collaboration with the academic expert Roberta Sonnino (Cardiff University) won a EU funded project on ” Innovation for a sustainable and health production, delivery and consumption of food in cities”. The study will start on January 2017 and during 8 months it will concentrate on mapping the food strategies […]