Five European projects share innovating ways to co-design urban food policies
A receipe for local inclusion

At a meeting of five European food projects, cities shared insights on bringing people to the table to co-design food policy

EU Food Policy Strikes Again

The Food 2030 Project Family Side Event at the 7th MUFPP Global Forum 2021 in Barcelona


Food Trails is a four-year EU-funded Horizon 2020 project aiming to translate in Europe the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact’s collective commitment to integrated urban food policies into measurable and long-term progress towards sustainable food systems. 11 European cities, with universities and stakeholders, will co-design pilot actions as leverage points for FOOD 2030 urban food policies development, involving also 21 worldwide follower cities.

If you saw the tattooed, bespectacled Jos Meijers riding around the Dutch city of Groningen on his motorcycle, leather jacket...
Great success for the 7th MUFPP's Global Forum that took place from the 19th to 21st October 2021 in Barcelona. Read the article to discover more!
Five European projects working on innovations at the urban level to develop food policies met this October in Barcelona for...

EU Food Cities

In its 11 partner cities, Food Trails will develop participatory Living Labs, innovative pilots and transformative food policies. Cities will foster innovation, collaborating with the consortium to establish successful approaches. Discover the Food Trails cities and their actions on the map below: