Planting seeds of agrifood systems transformation in Europe

28 cities join the Food Trails Cascade learning programme

Annual Partner Meeting Year 3

Inside Food Trails Annual Partner Meeting in Funchal.

Good food for all: cities at the forefront of food justice
Long-term Living Lab Support towards Food System Transformation

The EU FOOD 2030 Project Family's Policy Brief


Good food for all - Cities meet to exchange food justice approaches
27 September 2023
Bordeaux, France


Food Trails is a four-year EU-funded Horizon 2020 project aiming to translate in Europe the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact’s collective commitment to integrated urban food policies into measurable and long-term progress towards sustainable food systems.

28 cities join the Food Trails Cascade learning programme Following its Call for Cascade Cities, the Food Trails project has...
From 15th to 17th November 2023, the Food Trails consortium gathered in the stunning city of Funchal, located on the...
In 2022, a shocking 8% of the European Union’s population could not afford a meal containing meat, fish, or a...
The Food2030 Project’s Family is thrilled to introduce its latest Policy Brief entitled “Long-term Living Lab Support towards Food System...
The Food Trails project has opened a new call to identify and select +20 local authorities interested in joining the project's knowledge-sharing activities and learning from the 11 Food Trails partner cities' experiences.
A look back at the Brussels Urban Summit session on urban food policies

EU Food Cities

Each Food Trails partner city establishes participatory Living Labs to co-design innovative pilot actions and implement transformative, integrated urban food policies.