Funchal Back to Roots

Some of Madeira’s traditional recipes used to be plant-based. The City Hall of Funchal is working on bringing them back and establishing a culture of healthy, local, sustainable food consumption. “I’m a teenager, and we all like to eat chips and fast food,” admits Eunice, a 17-year-old student. “My view has changed. I’m more aware […]

‘The Table is set!’- A food conference below sea level

A look back at the three-day meeting on food in Almere, a Dutch city located in a polder six metres below sea level. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Over 80 participants from Food Trails, the Eurocities Working Group Food and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) Regional Forum gathered at the fantastic Floriade Expo to reaffirm their commitment to go the extra mile to shift […]

Call for experts – Food Policy

Seeking food experts! Are you a practitioner with direct experience in implementing policy and projects related to food at local level? Are you a lawyer focusing on procurement, a behavioural specialist, a marketing expert or a dietician, an urban planner, or a data expert with a keen interest in food challenges in European cities? Then […]

The Architecture of Health

It could have been the bizarre menu of foods available to you on ‘treat day,’ from garlic pudding and ‘fluffy ruffs,’ to mystery meat, hoisin crispy owl and discount foie gras, or during-dinner mints topped off with a 20-cheese omelette. Maybe it was the clearly out-of-touch presenter, unfamiliar with video cameras and websites. Or perhaps […]

Sweet Dreams in Bergamo

When the people step out into the  biodiversity valley, they are at first overwhelmed by the profusion of colors. The royal purple of cabbages, the green gradients of the rustling leeks are a far cry from the urban landscape just minutes away. Employees and volunteers from all stripes of life set to work there for […]

Feel the beet

If you saw the tattooed, bespectacled Jos Meijers riding around the Dutch city of Groningen on his motorcycle, leather jacket and fingernails generously caked with mud, you might wonder what he’s been getting up to. Perhaps a fresh cabbage or sack of potatoes under his arm might give you a hint. “You have to imagine […]