26 January 2023
Impact Investors Living Lab Meeting – Policies and regulations that support food-related impact investment

Reviewing policies, regulatory standards, and incentives that create an enabling environment to unlock impact investment tin urban food systems.

Which policy options exist in which city context, or in combination with which other policies and incentives?

This will be the focus of the 26 January 2023 meeting of the Food Trails Impact Investors Living Lab.

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The Food Trails Investors Living Lab brings together impact investment actors, including five European cities. The aim is to facilitate the discovery of targeted investment strategies that can shift urban food systems.

The Food Trails Impact Investors Living Lab is addressing 8 themes. Insights linked to these themes will inform a sequenced, multi-sector roadmap for scaling up impact investment in urban food systems transformation. Here you can find an overview calendar of working meetings and thematic sessions from February 2022 through March 2023, with a brief note on tools or outcomes from each meeting to be included in an overall Impact Investment Roadmap.

The Lab is an opportunity to participate in discussions that will shape the impact investment environment surrounding urban food systems transformation. If you would like to join the Investor Living Lab meetings, please email us at claire@eatforum.org and Joe@eatforum.org.

Find more about the Investors Living Lab.

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