The EU FOOD 2030 Project Family’s Policy Brief “Long-term Living Lab Support towards Food System Transformation”

The Food2030 Project’s Family is thrilled to introduce its latest Policy Brief entitled “Long-term Living Lab Support towards Food System Transformation”, realized with the support of the European Commission’s Horizon Result Booster Service. To ensure the continued success of the Food System Living Labs (FSLL) beyond the lifespan of individual projects, the paper provides policymakers […]

Policy Brief “Budgeting Urban Food Policies” – English version

The Food Trails policy brief on “Budgeting Urban Food Policies” offers insights into Milan’s experience, focusing on how the city has identified, managed and accounted for economic resources to scale up its urban food policy, going from 150K€ to 150M€ in 8 years.

Report MUFPP urban food policies

The document represents the D1.1 Report on MUFPP urban food policies. It fosters the understanding of innovations in the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) cities, based on the database of the Milan Pact Awards of 159 urban food policy practices formally supported by mayors.

CRFS report related to FOOD 2030

The document represents the D2.1 CRFS report related to FOOD 2030 and describes the main framework of reference for cities working on sustainable urban food systems: FOOD 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, City Region Food System assessment, in relation to the effort of Food Trails cities.

Food Aid in European cities

The first Eurocities Working Group Food meeting of 2021 was held online in March and it was the occasion to launch an innovative topic for the group, as well as to share a general update on the foreseen activities for the upcoming year.The meeting was attended by 76 officers from 46 cities from 14 countries, […]