List of consolidated 11 FOOD 2030 Living Lab

This document represents the Deliverable 2.2 “List of consolidated 11 FOOD 2030 Living Labs” and investigates some specific characteristics related to the start-up of the living labs of the partner cities in the Food Tails project. The document should be taken as a step in the broader process of the project’s WP2 development.

The EU FOOD 2030 Project Family’s Policy Brief “Long-term Living Lab Support towards Food System Transformation”

The Food2030 Project’s Family is thrilled to introduce its latest Policy Brief entitled “Long-term Living Lab Support towards Food System Transformation”, realized with the support of the European Commission’s Horizon Result Booster Service. To ensure the continued success of the Food System Living Labs (FSLL) beyond the lifespan of individual projects, the paper provides policymakers […]

Report of Theory of Change applied to each Food Trails city

The present document, identified as Deliverable 4.1, represents the report on Theory of Change applied to each Food Trails city. The implementation of pilot actions as part of the development of Urban Food Policies is at the core of the Food Trails project. Within the project, three tools have been employed to define pilot actions […]

Report providing a decision support tool for food policy investors

Deliverable 4.8 is the report that unveils a decision support tool tailored for investors in the field of food policies. It’s part of Food Trails’ Work Package 4 (WP4), which is dedicated to facilitating, sustaining, and scaling up innovative actions, ensuring both social and economic returns on investment from a fundamental group of funders. Task […]

Impact measurement framework for investor to evaluate their contribution to food policies

The present document, identified as Deliverable 4.6, serves as the report on the impact measurement framework designed to assist investors in assessing their contributions to food policies. Collaboratively engaging cities and private investors in participatory food policy innovations is crucial for bridging the funding gap in sustainable and healthy food investments. Impact investments, which generate […]

Final Report on potential connections with other funded EU and not-EU projects

The present document, Deliverable 5.2, represents the final report on potential connections with other funded EU and not-EU projects.From the outset, Food Trails expressed its commitment to establishing critical connection with other projects related to urban food systems, keeping FOOD 2030 framework and RRI principles as main references. Projects represent the entry point to get […]

Policy Brief “Budgeting Urban Food Policies” – English version

The Food Trails policy brief on “Budgeting Urban Food Policies” offers insights into Milan’s experience, focusing on how the city has identified, managed and accounted for economic resources to scale up its urban food policy, going from 150K€ to 150M€ in 8 years.

Report MUFPP urban food policies

The document represents the D1.1 Report on MUFPP urban food policies. It fosters the understanding of innovations in the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) cities, based on the database of the Milan Pact Awards of 159 urban food policy practices formally supported by mayors.