Citizen involvement a key ingredient for food policy success, Food Trails report shows

People make cities. And increasingly, people make policy in cities. This is the message from research carried out by Food Trails into the co-creation of food-related policy in cities across Europe. Five cities – Aarhus (DK), Barcelona (ES), Ghent (BE), Glasgow (UK) and Wroclaw (PL) – and four organisations from Italy, Germany and Spain shared […]

Cities speaking up at the UN Food Systems Summit

In July 2021, the United Nations held a Food Systems Pre-Summit in Rome. The three-day event was the preparatory meeting ahead of the main event in September, bringing together actors from around the world to propose actions for national food systems transformation.   The UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) will set the course for shifting to […]

Cities leading the way on EU’s flagship food policy

The climate crisis is at the top of the European Union’s priorities in 2021. Within its plan to tackle climate change – the Green Deal – is the farm-to-fork strategy, which aims to make European food systems sustainable, healthy and fair. But is there enough focus on cities in this process? How can urban centres […]

Get involved: survey on participatory approaches to urban food policies

People make cities. And in more than one way – increasingly, citizens are involved in the process of building or delivering policies in their community.  Now, Food Trails wants to hear about these initiatives relating to food policy. Our aim is to identify policy initiatives that have the participation of citizens at their core. By […]

Breakfast dialogues: what role for cities in EU’s food vision?

As part of the EU’s Green Deal, the Farm-to-Fork strategy will attempt to make Europe’s food systems fair, sustainable and healthy. But what role do cities have in this journey? Born from the work of Eurocities’ WG Food and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, Food Trails will tackle this issue with a series of […]

Looking beyond food banks

When Ana Buñuel, Advisor at Madrid’s Department for Families, Equality and Social Welfare presented the city’s strategy for food aid to food policy officers from cities across Europe, one figure turned some heads. The Spanish capital is investing €51 million in food aid. For many cities, this is a figure they could only dream of. But it […]